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Statistics indicate a significant growth in population during the coming years, along with high economic and industrial impact. As a result, the scarcity of natural water resources in the region, will constitute one of the most important pillars for the sustainable growth in the economy. A major challenge that will require the qualifying and developing of the skills of the workforce to generate leaders in the Water production, transmission and distribution sectors. In addition, other aspects that include the sustainability and preservation of natural resources to meet this challenge and increasing demand. To address this challenge will require a high level of operational efficiency and low cost accomplished through the development and empowerment of well trained Water Professionals.

“A vibrant community - and a thriving economy - and an ambitious homeland”

From this point, and to achieve the pioneering Vision of 2030 for supporting the development of a vibrant and economically sustainable community, the Saline Water Conversion Corporation(SWCC) has adopted, through its global leadership as the largest producer of desalinated water in the world, and in coordination with the National Transformation Office, an ambitious vision to expand and empower the workforce in the Kingdom’s water sector. This initiative will transform its training center into an academy focused on the development of water professionals with high efficiency and professionalism.