Who are we?

History: As the Saudi Water Academy, we understand and are proud of the importance of our history of growth and development. Evolving from a company-oriented training group within SWCC, we then moved forward and grew to become SWDTC, expanding and improving our facilities and capabilities to bring in a diverse group of clients from the private and government sectors. Building on this history and success we now continue to move forward as the Saudi Water Academy providing a complete learning experience supported by our advanced learning methodologies and technologies focused on today’s trainees and their unique training requirements.

The learning experience:

  • Sharing our Knowledge: We started with a passion for training and empowering our own employees and soon realized as we progressed that we could share this talent and resource throughout industry and in doing so would contribute to our community and the Kingdom in a more meaningful and sustainable manner.
  • Our Programs: We offer complete training programs and individual specialized courses from entry level technicians and operators to advanced courses for recently graduated engineers. Establishing a comprehensive learning experience and opportunity for lifelong sustainable employment.
  • Our desalination program: featuring RO, MSF, and MED courses is built on over 38 years of collaboration with the world’s largest producer of desalination water, SWCC. A newly developed comprehensive multi modal RO program will be introduced in the 3rd quarter of 2020 to further enhance our position as a global leader in this field.
  • Specialized and advanced learning modules: in areas such as Simulator training, advanced instrumentation, welding courses, desalination processes are all part of our evolving and expanding curriculum
  • General Courses: Management, Executive Leadership Development and English language programs provide for the complete development of future leaders and more effective and efficient technicians, operators and engineers.

SWA Capabilities:

  • SWA Experience and background: now after more than 38 years of investment in training and technological advancements, the Saudi Water Academy has evolved into an innovative, dynamic and complete training center, creating an optimum learning environment for the development and empowerment of today’s water professionals, Engineers, operators and technicians.
  • Learning Facilities: We are focused on employing best practices throughout your learning journey and experience in our fully equipped smart classrooms, state of the art workshops and laboratories and simulators.
  • Evolving Methodologies: Our learning methodology is continually evolving and improving to create a full and robust learning experience for this and future generations of water professionals, operators, technicians, and Engineers.
  • Online Courses: Advances in delivering our curriculum in response to meeting the unique challenges facing the 21st training environment have come through implementing virtual (blended learning) classrooms featuring live interface with highly qualified instructors, online learning opportunities and our traditional instructor led program
  • Our Mission: We are dedicated in our mission of providing an accessible, integrated and robust learning experience that will provide the foundation for opportunity, advancement and a sustainable future for our trainees.

IACET Accreditation

Furthering the commitment, vision, and mission of the new Saudi Water Academy to provide world class training and empowerment for water professionals, Engineers, operators and technicians in Saudi Arabia, the region, and globally, the Academy is proud to announce that it has become the first entity in the Kingdom to achieve the global IACET accreditation.



This global accreditation, that requires adherence to compliance in the best practices for the development and delivering of training recognizes the Academy’s total commitment to excellence for its students and partners.

By obtaining this accreditation, the Saudi Water Academy will now be able to issue continuing education credits (CEU) for each successfully completed class. Trainees will now be able to transfer the knowledge gained from their experience at SWA toward schools, vocational colleges, and universities throughout the world in their continuous learning journey.

SWA accredited provider

IACET: This institution has complied with the ANSI/IACET Standard, which is recognized internationally as a standard of excellence in instructional practices and is authorized to issue the IACET CEU

Training Facts & Figures 1992 - 2019

Number of Trainees Number of Courses Program Description
52,094 4873 Development Programs
1,212 28 Advanced Programs for Engineers
5,917 48 Basic Qualifying Programs for Operators and Technicians